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PressOn September 10, 2015, Human Movement, Inc. announced the launch of the Highest Triathlon in the World at the Pavilion at Lake Dillon, Colorado. This elite destination event will be held on September 10, 2016 and will feature a first time ever swim in Lake Dillon, an aggressive run and a breathtaking bike course. Offering both a half and quarter triathlon distances, this event will be one for the bucket list. A portion of ticket price will benefit the Challenged Athlete Foundation (CAF).

On site was Jeff Suffolk, CEO and founder of Human Movement Inc., Bob Babbitt, triathlon industry legend and co-founder of CAF, Eric McElvenny, veteran and professional adaptive triathlete and CAF ambassador as well as our partner and host the Town of Dillon.

This won’t be pretty but it will be beautiful!


Highest Elevation Triathlon Gets Green Light For Dillon Next Year

“The Town of Dillon is thrilled to be sponsoring an event of this caliber in Summit County. The combination of scenic beauty and the intrinsic challenges at our elevation, creates a truly unique opportunity for competitors,” Dillon Mayor Kevin Burns said.



106º West Half Ironman debuts in Summit County Sept. 16, 2016

“This is going to be cool, and the town of Dillon is just a beautiful place. It’s not going to be great or easy, but those are the memories you really hold onto. When you struggle to do something, you grow. Fear of the unknown can motivate you,” said Eric McElvenny, who’s an ambassador for Challenged Athletes Foundation.



Human Movement Launches Highest Triathlon in the World

Touted by Luis Benitez, Director of Colorado Recreation, “As we all know there is a strong triathlon culture in Colorado, but never before have we had an opportunity to highlight this culture in an iconic setting like Summit County. This race will define what’s possible for Colorado as a triathlon destination for the world.”



Introducing the highest triathlon in the world: 106 West Triathlon

Race Director Jeff Suffolk told TMC, “The great events in this world have one thing in common, proprietary real estate and incredible passion for the sport. We’ve been working on 106 West for a very long time and we’re extremely excited to announce one of the most exclusive and beautiful triathlon venues in the world.”



106º West Triathlon

It will take place for the first time on September 10, 2016. It’s the 106° West Triathlon and it’s named after map coordinates of the township of Dillon, Colorado. Dillon sits at 39° North Latitude and 106° West Longitude. But the notable metric is the Z coordinate. With the swim a touch over 9,000 feet above sea level, this will be the highest-elevation triathlon in the World. The bike leg takes competitors to over 10,000 feet in elevation, twice, and the race never dips below the 9,000-foot level.